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Our Staff

The Writing Center is staffed by graduate instructors and undergraduate peer tutors. Our graduate instructors have received highly competitive fellowships and assistantship awards that fund their work in the Center. Our undergraduate peer tutors have been nominated by CUA professors and then selected after a rigorous review and interview process. All Writing Center staff undergo extensive and ongoing training.

Writing Center Instructors


Emily Alianello is a PhD Candidate in English at the Catholic University of America, where she also received an MA in 2009. In addition to working as a consultant at the Writing Center during her teaching fellowship at CUA, she directed the 2014 Dissertation Boot Camp. Emily has worked as an adjunct professor at CUA and Trinity Washington University, and is currently a professional tutor at the United States Naval Academy's Writing Center. She has taught classes in rhetoric and composition, argumentative writing, and British literature. Emily specializes in early modern and Renaissance literature, and her primary research area is early modern religious literature, particularly sermons and devotional lyric poetry.

Dissertations, Scholarly Writing, Graduate Student Support 

Kristin Backert is a first year M.A. student in the English department with a focus on Renaissance literature, particularly Shakespeare and early modern drama. Originally from New York, Kristin received her B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing with a minor in Spanish from Adelphi University. She worked as a peer writing tutor, online writing tutor, and writing assistant for three and a half years during her undergraduate career. Her writing interests include literary criticism, linguistics, gender, and creative writing.

MLA Style, APA Style, Annotated Bibliographies, Humanities, Creative Writing, Literary Criticism


Michael Evans is an M.A. student in the English department with an interest in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century American novels, particularly those of the American Realists and Naturalists. Originally from just outside Kansas City, Missouri, he received his B.A. in English at Northwest Missouri State University, with a minor in Philosophy. Prior to that he completed some coursework toward a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology. His other interests include writers of the American Renaissance as well as social and political history.

Literature, History, Creative Writing (short stories and poetry), Philosophy, Wildlife Biology and Ecology 


Justin Keena is an M.A. student in the English Department with a focus on the reception of Classical works, and especially ancient Greek philosophy, in 20th century British literature. Justin received his B.A. in Classics and Philosophy from Franciscan University of Steubenville and his Master of Studies in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Oxford. He has previously taught Greek, Latin, Philosophy, and the Great Books (Honors) program at Franciscan University and worked with the Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project to edit and publish von Hildebrand’s philosophical works. His scholarly interests range from philosophy in literature and religious autobiography to the Inklings and John Henry Newman. Justin also serves as the Writing Center's Social Work Liaison.

Social Work, Classics, Philosophy, Humanities 

Screenshot 2014-09-15 21.26.33.png

Emily McBryan is an M.A. student in the English department with a focus on 20th century literature, particularly literature of the American South and Ireland. Originally from Philadelphia, Emily received her B.A. from Thomas Aquinas College, double majoring in Philosophy and Theology. For the past three years, she has taught courses in Latin, English composition and grammar, Theology and Drama. Her interests include classical and scholastic philosophy, history, theology, popular culture, linguistics, and creative writing.  

Grammar, History, Humanities, Classics, Philosophy, Theology, Creative Writing 

Victoria Scrimer is an M.A. student in the English Department with interests in Modern poetry and Medieval literature. She graduated with her B.A. in English from the University of Mary Washington in 2006. She has several years experience writing and editing materials for international non-profits, and has worked as a literacy tutor for both children and adults. Her interests include literary criticism, education, social and environmental justice, performance art, poetry, and creative writing.

MLA Style, Research, Creative Writing, ESL, Literary Studies, Proposals, Applications, Resumes

Julia Torres is a M.A student in the English department with interests in Early Modern Literature, especially Shakespeare. Originally from New Jersey, Julia received her B.A in English with minors in History and Medieval and Renaissance Studies from Saint Joseph’s University. She also worked as a peer-tutor in the Saint Joseph’s Writing Center for a year and a half. Avid about writing, she served for two years as editor of her undergraduate literary magazine, and has articles published in The Key Reporter and The Greek Catholic Union Magazine.
Creative Writing, History, Theology, Sciences.


Undergraduate Peer Tutors



Samantha Aurilia is a junior double major in History and Media Studies from Florham Park, NJ, with particular interests in gender issues and the role of media in modern American history. She is president of The History Club on campus, serves as a Junior PASS mentor in CAS, and holds a research apprenticeship in the History Department. When not doing research, she can be found in a museum or one of DC’s amazing restaurants—Chipotle included. She has written about history, philosophy, and media.

History, Media Studies, Philosophy, Theology. 


Lucas Matheson is a junior Philosophy and Art History double major with particular interests in contemporary art, critical theory, and the philosophy of art. He especially enjoys the work of Agnes Martin, Terrence Malick, and Arthur Danto. Outside of the academic world, Lucas can be found at either a museum, cinema, or volleyball court. He has always loved to talk to people about their writing and their ideas. Lucas has written about philosophy, art history, history, theology, literature, and film.

Philosophy, Art History, Humanities, Literature, Media Studies 



Michaela Shea is a junior English major and Italian studies minor from Philadelphia, PA. She particularly enjoys Gothic and medieval literature, but loves recommendations from any genre. Michaela is a member of Redline A Cappella as well as a part of The Tower staff. In her spare time. Michaela enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and looking for adventures.

Literature, Humanities 

Katharine Werthwine is a junior English major and Medieval and Byzantine Studies minor. She is particularly interested in medieval English literature, the history of the English language, and grammar. In her free time, she likes to explore Washington, DC., get lost in museums, write creatively, and read.
Literature, Theology, Humanities, Philosophy, Creative Writing

Looking for an instructor with a strong interest in writing in a particular subject or genre?
All of our instructors can assist you with any writing project or work with you on issues of grammar and citation, but if you’d like to request an instructor who has experience in a particular subject area or genre, please use the following list as a guide. If you cannot find your subject/genre on the list, but would still prefer a referral, please contact Dr. Kevin Rulo for assistance.
APA Style: Kristin
Creative Writing: Kristin, Julia
History: Alex, Julia
Humanities/Classics: Justin
Media Studies:
Philosophy: Justin
Sciences: Julia
Theology: Julia

 Peer Tutor Alumni

Sullivan Maciag, '13

Patricia Mars '14

Wesley Cocozello '14

Eva-Maria Ghelardi '14 

Administrative Staff


Dr. Taryn Okuma, Director of Undergraduate Tutor Program

Dr. Kevin Rulo, Director


Justin Keena, Lead Instructor
Victoria Scrimer, Outreach Coordinator



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Closed holidays and during university holiday periods.

If the university closes for inclement weather (including early closings and delayed openings), the Writing Center will close and appointments scheduled during this time will be cancelled. If this happens, please reschedule your appointment online.

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