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Editing Policy

In accordance with its mission and CUA Policy, the Writing Center is committed to helping students develop as writers. The Writing Center does not provide an editing service; rather, we assist students in developing the skills they need to produce, develop, polish and revise their work.

This means that consultants will:

  1. Direct a student's attention to problems, errors, patterns of error or other areas of concern in a paper. Consultants can even work through an entire paper - sentence by sentence - with a student in order to improve grammar and style.
  2. Introduce and explain rules and conventions that apply to problem areas in a student's work by going over related sections in a handbook and/or using part of the student's own paper.
  3. Work to ensure that the student is aware of these rules and conventions and can apply them independently in his or her essay. Consultants often encourage the student to work through practice exercises, to read the paper aloud, or to consult reference material for further development.

Consultants will not:

  1. Make corrections for a student. Instead, consultants will work with the student to identify, understand, and repair errors in the student's paper. 
  2. Take responsibility for the final product's correctness or grade.

Locations and Hours


Fall Semester Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 10am-8pm

Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday: 11am-2pm (Mullen Lobby)

Sunday: 6pm-9pm (Murphy's Lounge)

 Closed holidays and during university holiday periods.

If the university closes for inclement weather (including early closings and delayed openings), the Writing Center will close and appointments scheduled during this time will be cancelled. If this happens, please reschedule your appointment online.


Students in Online Programs

 Are you enrolled in an online program at CUA? Click here for assistance, or view a video which walks you through what you can expect from our online service and how to make an online appointment.


Current Events

  • "Revise and Conquer" A Writing Center Workshop for English 101. Oct. 10 @ 7:30pm in Hanan 106

Contact Us

219 Mullen Library
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave NE
Washington, DC 20064

Writing Center Email:

Writing Center Phone: 202-319-4286
Director: Dr. Kevin Rulo
Director of Undergraduate Tutor Program: Dr. Taryn L. Okuma
Graduate Assistant Director: Bethany Besteman 
Outreach Coordinator: Hannah Bormann