The Catholic University of America

English and Secondary Education

The double major in English and Secondary Education requires ten courses in addition to the twelve required for the English major.Since it is the most demanding and least flexible of the joint programs, students should carefully consider whether one of the other options might be more appropriate.


Suggested sequence of courses:

Freshmen Year: Survey of British Literature (ENG 231 and 232)

Sophomore Year: Chaucer (ENG 351 or 352), Shakespeare (ENG 461), Survey of American Literature (ENG 235 and 236), EDUC 251, 361

Junior Year: Two (of three) genre courses (ENG 331, 332, and 333), Grammar or Linguistics (Eng 324 or 325), one course in world literature, Speech (DR 102 or 205), EDUC 586, and one course in teaching methods

Senior Year: Senior Seminar (ENG 431 / 432), a writing course (ENG 326 or 327), EDUC 597, 598, 599