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Study-Abroad Opportunities

The English Department encourages students to take advantage of CUA’s programs for studying abroad.

Those interested should meet with the director of undergraduate studies as soon as possible in order to figure out the best way to incorporate a study abroad program into their overall plan of studies. Almost all who study abroad do so in their junior year. It is not possible to study abroad during the senior year because of the senior seminar.
For more information about study-abroad opportunities, visit the CUAbroad website

Student Stories from Abroad

  • Tess Pfeifle, 2014: Oxford, United Kingdom

    The one-on-one tutorial style was an invaluable way to improve my close reading skills, improve my writing, and channel my creativity into essay writing in a completely new way. Being able to study at such an amazing university that bursts with intellectual creativity was also inspiring, in and of itself.

  • Maria Maffucci, 2014: Rome, Italy

    Studying in Rome allowed me to reflect on what I studied in my literature courses and develop as a writer.

  • Agnes Burt, 2011: Rome, Italy

    As part of my English class we took a trip to the Protestant Cemetery and saw Keats and Shelley's graves, which was a very cool experience.

  • Heather Phelps, 2011: Valencia, Spain

    Even though my experience was primarily focused on my Spanish development, I still think that it played a major role in my development as an English major as well.

  • Mallory Nygard, 2016: Rome, Italy

    I was able to experience a culture that had influenced so many of the writers I study as an English major.