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English Student and Alumni Profiles


Heather Ott

Graduation Year



B.A. in English

Current Job

Advertising Executive at the Philadelphia Inquirer- Digital Sales. 

Other jobs, awards, honors since graduation

Dean's List.

Why did you major in English?

Because it's the best Major Degree there is in existence.

Tell us about a skill you learned/developed as an English major that has helped you out in the "real world"

To learn discipline and how to communicate effectively. Plus, the Arts- that is immeasurable.

What was the best English class you took at CUA and why?

It's a tie- Modern Drama and T.S. Elliot/ Ezra Pound.

If you could give one piece of advice to current students, what would it be?

English will no doubt, serve you well.

Which text was your favorite to read while you were a student at CUA? In which class did you read it?

"She walks in beauty" Lord Byron.  
But Dr. Wheatley's Richard III stays with me most.

What’s next for you?

The lottery.