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English Student and Alumni Profiles


Samuel O'Mahony

Graduation Year



BA English, CUA.

Current Job

Bartender at Viva Zapata (my family's restaurant).

Other jobs, awards, honors since graduation

Volunteer fireman at New Canaan Fire Co. No. 1

Tell us about a skill you learned/developed as an English major that has helped you out in the "real world"

Reading between the lines. The analyses we did in the classroom are applicable in 'real life' as well.

What was the best English class you took at CUA and why?

ENG 235: American Literature I, with Doctor Johnson. It was interesting to read works from the people who carved out this country, in the new world. These people found the time to educate themselves in a wide-array of subjects, especially The Bible, while protecting themselves from the elements, Indian attacks, or whatever else was thrown at them.

If you could give one piece of advice to current students, what would it be?

Read what is assigned to you, while you can. After graduation, there is very little time to read. I tell people that I was fortunate enough to spend the past four years reading.

Which text was your favorite to read while you were a student at CUA? In which class did you read it?

It's a toss-up between Walden Pond, and Moby-Dick. These are important works in American lit. and it was a great opportunity to have a professor at CU who was well acquainted in American Studies, have us take it slow, while guiding us through the works.

What’s next for you?

Aside from tending bar, I am currently applying to law school, hoping to start in the Fall of 2015. At the moment I am taking classes to be a certified volunteer fireman in the state of Connecticut.