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Student profile - Dubois

Name/Class Year

Laura Dubois, 2015


Sanford, ME

Why did you choose CUA?

After living in a fairly small town I wanted to have a new experience when I went to college. CUA seemed like a good school to enrich both my knowledge and my religion. Washington D.C. has so much to offer, and was the type of city that I was hoping to spend some time in.

Why English?

English had been the class I always loved the most growing up. I became a voracious reader and loved to write. When I graduated high school there was nothing else I could see myself doing. I wanted to develop my writing skills further and read literature I loved while doing it.

What has been your most meaningful experience as an English major at CUA?

My most meaningful experience was writing my first thesis paper for my senior seminar class. Finding details to fill the length requirement led me to truly focus on what the author was saying and how seemingly insignificant details could say so much about the main theme. I understood and analyzed this text deeper than I had done with any other work I've read before.

What’s the best book that you’ve recently read?

When I read a book, I want the text to make me feel a little uncomfortable because it challenges my way of thinking or something I have always believed in. The last book I read at CUA that did this was A Clockwork Orange. It's one of those books that you can read multiple times and still find a layer of interpretation or a detail that you missed before.

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to use my English degree to work for a publishing company or serve as an editor for any kind of publications. I've always loved Boston, but D.C. wouldn't be a bad place to live.