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Student Stories from Abroad

Mallory Nygard

Name / Class Year: Mallory Nygard, 2016

Where and when did you study abroad?  Rome, Italy, fall semester of 2014

What (if any) classes did you take while abroad that counted towards the English major?  I took an English elective: Italy in American and British Literature and all the other classes I took (Ecclesiology, Liturgical Art and Architecture, History of Ancient Rome) counted as distribution requirements.

Why is your experience abroad important to you as an English major?  I was able to experience a culture that had influenced so many of the writers I study as an English major. Dante, Chaucer, Keats, and Shelley all wrote from that beautiful landscape, stuffed full with pasta. Understanding their context helped me to better understand their work.

Any advice/insights you'd offer to prospective or current English majors regarding study abroad?  Go somewhere you can experience something new and then explore that experience, letting it change the way you come to literature.

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