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Pedagogical Training

In addition to their literary education, recipients of teaching assistantships and teaching fellowships in the English Department emerge from our program with notably strong theoretical and practical experience in teaching. This experience consistently plays a significant role in the successful placement of our graduates. 
Teaching Assistants (master’s level), under the supervision of the Writing Center Director, receive both formal instruction and practical experience in tutoring members of the university community in writing.  In their second year, TAs also begin a direct acquaintance with instructional practice in English 101, Writing: Logic and Rhetoric via a year-long liaison between the Writing Center and the Writing and Rhetoric Program.  
At the doctoral level, teaching fellows are eligible to serve as teacher-of-record in English 101 and several other courses. In their initial semester, TFs take ENG 723, “Approaches to the Theory and Practice of Pedagogy in Writing and Rhetoric,” and ENG 700, the accompanying practicum. These courses provide intensive education in classical and modern rhetoric and contemporary composition pedagogy. 
Throughout their teaching, TFs are carefully mentored in a supportive professional environment, in which they benefit from classroom observation and individual conferencing with the Writing Program director, as well as many formal and informal exchanges with other teachers in the TF offices.

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