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The Death of Archbishop Scrope: English Carol



Cambridge, Trinity College MS. 652, fol. 171 r.


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Hay, hay, hay, hay,
thynke on Whitson monday!

The bysshop Scrope that was so wyse,
nowe is he dede, and lowe he lyse;
To hevyns blys yhit may he ryse,
Thurghe helpe of Marie, that mylde may.

When he was broght vnto the hyll,
he held hym both mylde and styll;
he toke his deth with full gode wyll,
As I haue herde full trewe men say.

He that shulde his dethe be,
he kneled downe vppon his kne:
"lord, your deth, forgyffe it me,
Full hertly here to yowe I pray."

"Here I wyll the commende,
thou gyff me fyve strokys with thy hende,
And than my wayes thou latt me wende
To hevyns blys that lastys ay."

Note: The burden "Hay, hay, etc." is to be repeated after each stanza.