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Early Italian Drama in English Translation

Play of Saint Catherine

  • La festa et storia di Sancta Caterina: A Medieval Italian Religious Drama. Edited and translated by Anne Wilson Tordi. Studies in the Humanities, 25. New York: Peter Lang, 1997.

Play of Saint Venantius

  • Castellano Castellani, La rappresentazione di San Venanzio / The Play of Saint Venantius. Introduction and parallel text, edited and translated by Nerida Newbigin. Preface by Fiorella Paino. Camerino: Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, 2000. Tempo di Spettacoli series. 95 pp. [Play first published Florence: Tubini and Ghirlandi, c. 1510.]

Plays by Antonia Pulci

Florentine Drama for Convent and Fesitval: Seven Sacred Plays. Annotated and translated by James Wyatt Cook. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996.

  • The Play of Saint Francis, pp. 47-74.
  • The Play of Saint (Flavia) Domitilla, pp. 75-101.
  • The Play of Saint Guglielma, pp. 103-33.
  • The Play of the Prodigal Son, pp. 135-53.
  • The Play of Saint Anthony the Abbot, pp. 155-86.
  • The Play of Saint Theodora, pp. 187-216.
  • The Play and Festival of Rosana, pp. 217-40.
  • The Second Part of the Festival of Ulimentus and of Rosana, pp. 241-76.

Texts, translations, and commentaries by Nerida Newbegin (all available online as .pdf or html files)

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Florentine Sacre Rappresentazioni

Three Florentine Sacre Rappresentazioni: Texts and Translations.  Translated by Michael O'Connell.  Tempe, AZ.:  Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2011.

  • The Representation of Abraham and Isaac
  • The Representation of the Conversion of Mary Magdalene
  • The Prodigal Son