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  • Indiana University, Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), 1984
  • Indiana University, Certificate in Medieval Studies, 1978
  • Indiana University, M.A. (Comparative Literature), 1978
  • University of York, B.Phil. (Mediaeval Studies), 1977
  • University of Freiburg, Institut fuer lateinische Philologie des Mittelalters / Altdeutsches Seminar, 1972-73
  • Texas Christian University, B.A., summa cum laude, University Honors and Departmental Honors (English and German), 1972

Academic Appointments

  • Professor Emeritus of English, Catholic University of America, 2013-present
  • Ordinary Professor of English, Catholic University of America, 1998-2013
  • Ordinary Professor of English, Catholic University of America Rome Program, 2011
  • Visiting Professor of English, Liaoning Normal University (Dalian, China), 2008-2009
  • Visiting Professor of English, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland), 2002
  • Visiting Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Amsterdam, 1996, 2000
  • Associate Professor of English, Catholic University of America, 1987-98
  • Assistant Professor of English, Catholic University of America, 1982-87
  • Teaching Assistant (Comparative Literature), Indiana University, 1976-78
  • Instructor (English), University of Freiburg, 1973
  • Instructor (German), Texas Christian University, 1969-72



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  • The Erlau Playbook:  Five Medieval German Dramas for Christmas and Easter (Tempe: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, forthcoming 2017)

General Editor, Early European Drama in Translation

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  • Judith and Holofernes: A Late Fifteenth-Century Mystery Play, translated by Graham Runnalls. Early European Drama in Translation Series, Vol. 5. Asheville, NS: Pegasus Press, 2003.

Articles and Chapters

  • "The Durham Play of Mary and the Poor Knight: Sources and Analogues of a Lost English Miracle Play," Comparative Drama, 17 (1983), 254-65; reprinted in Drama in the Middle Ages: Comparative and Critical Essays, ed. Clifford Davidson and John H. Stroupe (New York: AMS Press, 1991), pp. 168-79.
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  • Nine articles for the Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed. Robert Bjork (Oxford: OUP, 2010): "Boner, Ulrich," "Drama: Liturgical, Mystery, Miracle, Morality," "Dreikonigsspiele," "Freidank," "Hugo von Trimberg," "Reinmar von Zweter," "Rothe, Johannes," "Wernher von Elmendorf," "Ysengrimus."
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  • "Salting Down Gertrude:  Transgression and Preservation in Three Early German Carnival Plays," Early Theatre (forthcoming, 2017)

Translations and Reviews

  • Translation of Manfred Pelz, "The Function of Interior Monologue in 'The Renegade'," in Essays on Camus's "Exile and the Kingdom", ed. Judith Suther (University, Miss.: Romance Monographs, 1982), pp. 189-203.
  • Review of The Mary Play of the Manuscript, ed. Peter Meredith, in Early Drama, Art, and Music Review, 11 (1988), 9-13.
  • Review of Hans Sachs: Nine Carnival Plays, tr. Randall W. Listerman, in Early Drama, Art, and Music Review, 14 (1992), 80-81.
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  • Review of A New History of Early English Drama, ed. John D. Cox and Scott Kastan, in Comparative Drama, 32 (1998-99), 581-586.
  • Review of The Sequence of the Sacrament at Durham, by John McKinnell, in Early Drama, Art, and Music Review, 23 (2001), 126-30.

Work in Progress

  • Hans Sachs and the Performable Voice:  An Ahthology of Debate, Disputation, Dialogue, Farce, Complaint, Comedy, Tragedy, Carnival Play, and Pasquinade
  • "The Tongues of Men and Angels:  Functions of Polyglotism in Early German Drama"
  • "Dancing in the Dark: The mater inferni on the Early European Stage"


Creation and maintenance of websites (including text, graphics, and hyperlinks to related Internet pages):

COURSES TAUGHT (1982-present)

  • Undergraduate
    Literature and Composition; The Christian Tradition: Charlemagne to Chaucer (Honors Seminar); Masterpieces of World Literature; Medieval English Literature; Arthurian Literature and Film; Children's Literature; Literature of Travel and Exploration; Chaucer I and II; Chaucer and the Italians; Roman Roots of European Literature; Plays of Shakespeare; Tradition of English Tragedy; Junior Tutorial in Medieval Studies; Intensive Readings in Drama; History of Western Drama; Senior Seminar (English and American Drama); Senior Seminar (Eugene O'Neill); Senior Seminar (The Arthurian Tradition)
  • Graduate
    Introduction to Medieval Studies (team teaching); Chaucer's Canterbury Tales; Chaucer's Troilus and Minor Poems; Medieval English Drama; Medieval European Drama; The Medieval Book (Introduction to Manuscripts and Manuscript Culture), Medieval Romance; Proseminar in Middle English; The Romance Tradition; Fourteenth-Century Alliterative Poetry; Medieval Women Writers; European Novels of Adultery; History of Poetics from Antiquity to the Renaissance (team teaching); Civic Ceremony in Medieval York (seminar); The Pearl Manuscript (seminar); Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Modern Critical Theory (seminar); M.A. thesis guidance; Ph.D. dissertation guidance
  • PhD Thesis Direction

  • Teresa A. Kennedy-McMahon, "Elyot and Castiglione:  National Translations of the Macro-Image of the Courtier" (1990)

  • Zina Petersen, "Authority, Ritual and Spirituality in Middle English Women's Religious Works" (1997)

  • Lisa G. Robeson, "Monuments of Time:  Time and the Semiology of Inscription in the Literature of the Later Middle Ages" (1997)

  • Christopher Elliott Crane, "'Now Mendys Oure Chere from Sorrow':  The Rhetoric of Humor in Middle English Drama, Spiritual Instruction, and Chaucerian Religious Comedy" (2004)

  • Sarah Beatrice Campbell, "The 'Strong Man' and Its Contexts:  An Edition, Translation, and Study of a Welsh Morality Play" (2005)

  • Lisa LeBlanc, "Dreams of the End:  Apocalypticism in Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century English Secular Vision Poems" (2005)

  • Joseph Edward Marshall, "Radix Malorum:  The Presence and Function of Money in Medieval Literature" (2006)

  • Andrea R. Harbin, "Space and Movement on the Medieval English Religious Stage" (2006)

  • Stephen C. Maulsby, "The Harley Lyrics Revisited:  A Multilingual Textual Community" (2008)

  • Charlotte Allen, "Thirteenth-Century English Religious Lyrics, Religious Women, and the Cistercian Imagination" (2011)

  • Katherine E. Wilson, "The York Plays and the Law" (2013)

  • Marcel Antonio Brown, "Convivium and Communion:  Pearl, the York Cycle, and the Eucharist in Late Medieval England" (2013) 


  • Editor for Medieval Drama, Comparative Drama
  • Member of Editorial Board, Early Drama, Art, and Music Project.
  • Consulting lexicographer, The New Kosciuszko Foundation Polish-English/English-Polish Dictionary. Ed. Jacek Fisiak. Krakow: 2003, 2005.
  • General Editor, Early European Drama in Translation Series 1990-2005.
  • Chair, Department of English (CUA), 1993-96, 2001-2003, 2005-2006.
  • Director, Comparative Literature Program (CUA), 1997-2001
  • Acting Director, Medieval and Byzantine Studies Program (CUA), 1992-93
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies (English), 1987-93, 1996-2001
  • University Committees (Faculty Grievance Committee, Academic Senate Committee on Appointments and Tenure; Arts and Sciences Committee on Appointments and Tenure; Arts and Sciences Search Committee; Academic Council; Medieval Studies Steering Committee; Comparative Literature; Honors Program; Academic Policy; Faculty Economic Welfare; Advisory Committee on Faculty Salaries; Middle States Accreditation Review)
  • Council Member, Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society, 1990-94


  • Catholic University Award for Overall Excellence in Teaching (2012)
  • McMaster University Award for Best Article in Early Drama (2015)
  • Martin Stevens Award (Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society) for Best Essay in Early Drama Studies (2000 and 2009)
  • Plenary Speaker, Edgar P. Richardson Symposium (Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, 2010)
  • Plenary Speaker, Delaware Valley Medieval Association (Philadelphia, 2007)
  • Plenary Speaker, Medieval English Studies Symposium (Poznan, Poland, 2005)
  • Plenary Speaker, Fifteenth-Century Studies Conference (York U.K., 2005)
  • CUA Faculty Research Grant-in-Aid (Germany, 2004)
  • Fulbright Teaching Fellowship, Adam Mickwiewicz University (Poznan, Poland), 2002
  • Nominated by Catholic University to be District of Columbia Professor of the Year (2002)
  • Bruno Damiani Award for Distinguished Graduate Teaching (1998)
  • Co-recipient, Magi Endowment Grant for Religion and the Arts (1998)
  • Plenary Speaker, Catholic Record Society (Oxford, 1993)
  • Catholic University Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching, 1989
  • Co-recipient of NEH curriculum development grant for interdisciplinary humanities seminar, 1986-87
  • Fulbright Graduate Fellowship (England), 1975-76
  • Danforth Foundation Graduate Fellowship (Indiana), 1973-80
  • Rotary International Graduate Fellowship (Germany), 1972-73
  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1972
  • M. E. Sadler National Merit Scholarship, 1968-72


  • Modern Language Association
  • Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society (member of MRDS Council, 1990-94)
  • Phi Beta Kappa (chapter secretary; triennial council teller)
  • International Congress on Medieval Studies (participation since 1985 as session organizer; presider; respondent; presenter)


  • Old and Middle English
  • Old and Middle High German; Modern German
  • Classical and Medieval Latin
  • Middle French; Modern French
  • Middle Dutch;  Modern Dutch
  • Polish (elementary survival skills)
  • Mandarin Chinese (elementary survival skills)
  • Italian (elementary survival skills)